Message from the Vice Principal

I am deeply humbled to be associated with SKZMDC since its inception. The College was formally inaugurated in 2009. It’s now a public medical College in the heart of Lahore, a beautiful city of Pakistan full of centuries old heritage and traditions. We have tried to embrace the ambience surrounding the city to enrich the educational experience of our students. Our commitment to excellence in medical education is evident from the fact that our college in its very beginning has occupied fourth position on the merit list of the University of Health Sciences to which we are associated as an integral part. Our college provides extraordinarily conducive environment for extracurricular activities in which the College students actively involve themselves and participate to get the unmatched experience which helps them to become all rounders in their practical lives and enables them to become better human beings, one of the foremost objectives of our institution. Our esteemed faculty, undoubtedly the best in their respective specialties, put their heart and soul in achieving this target and are always available for any help, academic or otherwise. In short, we have tried to make learning experience at SKZMDC as complete as possible for our students and we have not stopped!