Research Policy

Policy points are;

  • Engaging and empowering medical undergraduates in basic research and survey methodology skills and particularly in research ethics.
  • Encouraging all undergraduate medical students to undertake research at least during their clinical years.
  • Training undergraduates in medical/scientific writing e.g case reports, case series and review articles and original research writing.
  • Encouraging medical undergraduates to undertake scientific writing and develop manuscripts.
  • Enhancing students’ learning experiences through mentoring relationships with faculty. Attaching motivated medical students to ‘Faculty Research Mentors’ so they can be part of departmental research projects or carry independent ones in respective disciplines.
  • Facilitating execution of research projects by undergraduates.
  • Allocating funds for supporting undergraduate research.
  • Developing critical thinking, problem solving, and innovation skills along with intellectual independence through ‘Research collaboration groups’ of students with faculty mentors.
  • Collaboration with UG Researchers in other institutions/ colleges (local or international)
  • Facilitating publishing of UG research work in local or international journals.