Co-Curricular Societies

Research Society:

SKZMDC research society has Faculty President and co-presidents with a student body running the society. It is established with the objectives to;

  • Sensitize and motivate medical students of all years to undertake research during their medical school years.
  • Encourage them to read medical literature and come up with research ideas.
  • Support and facilitate students in learning research skills in groups through workshops and training sessions arranged by DUME Research Cell.
  • Encourage and help students to publish in local and international journals

Among 20 winning projects from world over, Muhammad Zaeem Khalid, 4th year MBBS won Health Fair project, he presented it in TUFH Conference in Shenyang, China from 26th July 31st July.
Medical Students’ Research Society SKZMDC, IFMSA-LC-SCORE,‘UG Research Cell’ of DUME and Department of Public Health and Community Medicine organized a series of ‘Research Seminars’ for undergraduate students during May 2016, in order to equip undergraduate students with practical training on basics of research.

IFMSA-Local council SKZMDC

This local council of International Federation of Medical Students Association at SKZMDC is well established here and worked a lot by involving students from all years in the areas of Public Health, Research, Career Counseling and medical education etc through yearly outcome-based, time-bound projects. They submit reports of all activities to IFMSA. Our student body of IFMSA-LC is supervised by Faculty President and co-presidents. All standing committees are managed by selected students through structured interviewing process.

Sports Society

Sports society is supervised by Faculty President and co-presidents. Male and females sports secretaries are selected every year along with whole student body to organize and manage all sports activities like;

  • Hard ball cricket tournament
  • Soft ball cricket tournament
  • Basketball tournament
  • Football tournament
  • Table tennis tournament
  • Badminton tournament
  • Athletics competition
  • Volley ball tournament
  • Rifle Shooting competition
  • Many indoor games as well

Literary Society

Dramatic Society

Debating Society

Ethics and Professionalism Society

Publication Society

Photography Society

Arts Society

Blood Donor Society