Information Resource Centers

SKZMDC students have 24/7 access to 2 centrally placed, big, well-equipped Libraries with latest text books, reference books, local and international journals. Computer section is available with each library providing access to databases and e-libraries world over. Students can access open access journals as well as subscribed journals through digital library of HEC. Our libraries and IT sections are connected to HEC digital library providing 24/7 access to most of the important text and reference books electronically in a many subject. Electronic content of 75,000 approximately has been made available through it.

Common room

For girls we have a designated common room while a designated open space for boys at SKZMDC for spending time during their free hours.


A facility of cafeteria is provided within college and 2 canteens are there in the hospital. Quality of food is checked regularly and the college café is managed through a monitoring committee to ensure controlled rates and quality food.

Sports areas

Students are provided with designated areas for badminton court, Volleyball court, football and cricket (soft ball) ground. Every year extracurricular week is celebrated and Annual sports competitions are arranged within and outside campus to provide best sports facilities to students of SKZMDC.


One large 200 seating capacity auditorium is located on top of NIKD building and one small auditorium with capacity for100 students is available as well.


Boys and girls are provided with best possible hostel accommodation within the campus. Girls’ hostel is situated in a much secured building with quality mess facilities on controlled rates.