Quality Enhancement Cell (Shaikh Zayed Medical Complex)

QEC is established in 2021 at Shaikh Zayed Postgraduate Medical Institute with a mandate of providing quality enhancement and assurance services to all its components offering recognized teaching and training programs at higher/postgraduate and undergraduate level in medical, nursing and allied health subjects/disciplines. Federal Postgraduate Medical Institute (FPGMI), Shaikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al-Nahyan Medical College (SKZMDC) and Shikha Fatima Institute of Nursing and Health Sciences (SFINHS) are offering recognized teaching programs.

Under the directions of The Higher Education Commission of Pakistan, all recognized Universities (DAIs) and Higher Education Institutes (HEIs) including University of Health Sciences (UHS) are required to establish Directorates of Quality Enhancement by establishing Quality Enhancement Cells (QEC) and internal quality assurance (IQA) mechanism of W level in all affiliated institutes.


Achieving high standards of quality in academic programs, departments and patient care


Strive for quality enhancement and assurance in academics, departments and patient care through the application of standardized quality enhancement methods and tools


  • To facilitate meeting standards in educational and healthcare service quality at SZMC
  • To provide training platform for quality assessment, management and enhancement for faculty and staff at SZMC
  • To assess and evaluate structural, process and outcome measures of quality in academic programs, departments and patient care, against the standards laid down by national and international accreditation bodies through evidence-based, fair and appropriate procedures, methods and tools.
  • To work in close liaison with all departments and program faculties to identify issues and gaps in meeting quality standards, develop strategies and plans to bridge these gaps, conduct option appraisal, select and approve appropriate and feasible solutions, implement and evaluate the effectiveness of these strategies/solutions addressing identified quality issues/gaps
  • To facilitate development, implementation and evaluation of the quality of internal quality assurance (IQA) mechanisms for each and every recognized program/discipline, department and patient care.
  • To facilitate departments in preparing HEC self-assessment reports for academics programs
  • To provide feedback to faculty, administration and students on program evaluation status so to facilitate initiation of action plan for improvement
  • To collaborate with UHS and HEC in quality assurance and enhancement procedures and practices